DIY Light Box



I just love it when I do it on my own, personalise it and do it how I wanted it 🙂 You probably do to! This Light Box is just a piece you would want to have at home. It sets your mood and reminds you big time how you go by the day and night! Ill show you how 🙂

What you will need

  • Wood Panel cut into A4 size (Bunnings will cut this for you for free )
  • Quill plastic board (From office works or art shop)
  • Perspex or frosted glass (bought on eBay)
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Copper wire fairy light
  • Foil
  • Scissors
  • Plastic folder (for letter backing)
  • PVA wood glue

How to make

I bought this Wood Panel at Bunnings and had it cut in A4 size plus the sides which is 9cm wide (for free! 🙂 Connect each sides with a PVA wood glue wait until dry.


When it is all dried up and connected together, I used the quill plastic board and cut it to fit on the side of the now wood box to seal the edges as shown below.



As you can see I glued a foil around the box for better lighting then stick the copper wire fairy light on each sides of the wood box.


I have cut another quill plastic board just enough length same as the frosted glass as shown below.


For the letter insert I bought this vinyl stickers at an art shop they come cheap and bough a plastic folder at officeworks and cut them to size that fits on the lightbox.


And voila!!!!! here you go cheap and beautiful deco for your home sweet home 🙂fullsizerender-113




How to Cut Out Letters out of a Foam Board


So I did this project for an event booth at church and I wanted to show you how I made it 🙂 I have been doing projects like this when I was in primary, dit it as well in my high school years and for church deco on special events and occasions, so let me show you how to easily, well makes it easier for you to cut it out from a foam board, here i will show you from choosing the letter or your word that you need to cut out and the choice of cheap materials that you can get ;). Lets begin ei??

What You Will Need:

  • Utility knife/cutter small size (I use 9mm size Scotch Utility Knife)
  • A4 Glittered Card (bought from a dollar shop- $2.99/ 3 sheets)
  • Foam board
  • Print out letter of what you want to cut out (or hand-write it like I did)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Begin to hand-write the letters that you will need to cut out on a piece of paper, then cut it out.


After cutting it out, put the cut out letters on reverse as shown below to your choice of paper where its gonna show on your finished project. I have placed it in a way to save more space and maximise the use of the paper of your choice as shown below.


When you finish tracing the letters on reverse to paper of your choice, cut it all out then use glue to firmly place it on the foam board as shown below.


This is where it gets tricky a little bit but not to worry, when its all nice in place and glued start cutting out the letters using the utility knife. The round edges are the hard bit, but the technique is to cut in straight strokes multiple times as shown below to cut out an even result when you take out the excess.


Some part of the cut out letters would not easily come off so what I do is I cut it from the back follow the already cut lines to fully cut all out the letters from the foam board. I also use a magazine at the bottom of the foam board to easily cut it out 😉


And the result??? I think it’s amazing! Amazing in a way that I or you (when you do yours soon 😉 get to help out on a project that gives an additional bling or statement to an event booth or special occasions! Have fun creating!

Love, Kristine ❤




Personalized Easy DIY Zipper Makeup Pouch


Loving this new pouch that I made myself for my beauty makeup weapons! Haha! First of all, thanks for dropping by and in this blog I will show you how to make this, it’s so easy I promise you! 🙂

Go grab the things needed, listed below;

  • Two outer Fabric of your choice 10″x7″ in size
  • Two lining Fabric 10″x7″ in size
  • Zipper 10″ in size (cut to fit in the size of your fabric)

Start Creating! 🙂

You want to make sure the zipper you have is the same size of the pouch you will be making and if the zipper you have is too long just cut to as the same size as your fabric as shown below and make sure do a stitch at the end of the zipper where it has been cut like below.fullsizerender-78fullsizerender-76

Now after you’ve got the right size of the zipper you will then sew the zipper unto the fabric as shown below, you will need to use a zipper foot in sewing this.


You will now need to get the lining fabric to sew on the other side, same stitching as what you did to your outer fabric.


Next step is to top stitch the outer fabric, just make sure when you do the top stitch not to include the lining fabric


In this step, you will sew the fabric together leaving a gap in the lining fabric to reverse it later on, as shown below make sure to to fold the zipper teeth toward the lining


I have cut the edges of the fabric shown below then turn the pouch inside out.



After turning the pouch inside out, you will need to top stitch or hand sew the fabric for closure.


Now heres the best part! For me anyways! haha! Personalising your pouch! I have chosen a Cotton organic Natural cotton specifically for this so I could write on it 😉

You will need to choose what you want to write on it, and practice first before you write on your fabric. The pen I have used for this is the Sharpie Stained fabric Marker


Voila! Too cute ❤


Now you can put your fave makeup items in it ❤



DIY Decoupage Office Chair, or any Chair you want! :)

FullSizeRender 70


Woo! Here it is guys! Been wanting to do this project and thought I will share it with you awesome peeps :), I bought this chair so cheap at IKEA many years ago and I find it boring now so thought of giving it a new makeover! The fabric that I have used for this chair is from Salvation Army Shop which cost nothing at all and bought it few years back, it is a Japanese Inspired fabric that I could not resist buying and did not think I will use for this chair! This isn’t hard to do at all, let me take you to steps in doing it.

What You Will Need:IMG_7010

  • Scissors
  • Your favourite Fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Clear Finishing Sealer
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Brush

*I bought the paint brush, spray paint and sealer at Bunnings 🙂


I’m loving gold accents at the moment so I thought of spray painting the chairs’ legs with what else??? GOLD 🙂 Love the sparkly result of this one!

I have pre-measured the cloth that I’m gonna be using for the chair and figured out how to place it on the chair. Choose a fabric for your liking and one that will suit your happy place! :), this is the fun part!


Now Time to Decoupage the Chair

In here you’ll need a paint brush to make it easier to spread the Mod Podge on the chair. I covered mostly the top of the chair first then place the fabric on the chair, and when you have placed the fabric, you will need to smoothen out the fabric onto the chair making sure its nice and flat, the Mod Podge is good to work with as it doesn’t dry quickly so you can smoothen the fabric quite easily onto the chair.


Once you’ve covered the whole chair with Mod Podge, smooth out the rest of the fabric, focusing not on the edges yet as you have to cut a piece of Fabric to smoothly fit in the chair.


As shown below you will have to pinch a piece of the fabric, just enough to connect the fabric together and you will need to cut the excess which you think will fit in together.



Next is the edges, as shown below you will need to just cut to fit nice and perfect onto the chair, don’t worry about the glue drying out quickly you will have enough time to smoothen it. Cut the extra hanging fabric then use the paint brush and paint some more Mod Podge to smoothen the edges with the fabric.


Wait for about half an hour for the chair to be completely dry. I used a clear finishing sealer below for the last part and you will need about an hour for the chair to be completely dry, and after you will get the excitement of putting it in your work area or office or wherever you want! haha! Thats how I felt anyways 😉 Voila! Tada! From a cheapo chair to the chair of your dreams! Go on and do your own! Feel free to ask me questions, happy to help. Have fun creating! 🙂



How to Personalise Your Boring Bag, Patch it :)


I love to personalise my stuff! 🙂 ❤ And so here I am sharing with you guys how I made this cute patches on my bag. Patches are so on trend at the moment, you can see them on jeans, jackets, top, bags, shoes, even on phone cases! Oh so love them (smiley emoji with popping heart eyes).

I bought this bag as I needed them for my new motorbike, yes! I just recently bought my new Honda Grom which I might talk about here later on :). Anyways, so I bought this bag at CultureKings at Sydney CBD, brand Herschel and I thought it was just too plain for me and so the creativity strikes once again, so here it is how I made it.

You Will Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric or Felt (You can buy felt at a cheap dollar shop or art shop like eskersleys or lincraft)
  • Fabric Pencil/ordinary marking pen
  • Scissors

Choose Your Design

This part is totally up to you, what letter or what design you want to embed on your new plain bag. After choosing, make sure to practice to draw on blank paper first what design so when you draw on the actual fabric or felt you wouldn’t have much trace of the pencil, alternatively you can draw your pattern on a cardboard to trace to your choice of felt. Cut it out then your ready to embroider the side to make it stand out.

Embroider Your Patch

I only used a regular sewing machine to do this, you might need some practice at first using a scrap fabric/felt to get the right thickness that you want. I have used a cream felt to embroider the design to add background and space to embroider, but its totally up to you.

Attaching the Patch

Some patch I have to hand sew on to the bag itself as it can’t be reached using the sewing machine, but the top part was sewn using the machine. Alternatively there are some pre-made cute patches available that you can buy from Etsy .

Totally enjoy making this one :), I hope its something inspirational for you to do! Go ahead! Make your own mark! Comment if you’ve done one yourself and go on inspire me too 🙂 Keep Creating!

Be creative on your Vision Board: Easy Guide to making One


IMG_6574FullSizeRender 63

Vision Boards are awesome tools in reminding us of what we want to achieve and be in line with the goals and aspirations we have in life. I love vision boards because it allows me to also ponder and work more on the best things in life. In saying this though, vision boards can only be an inspiration until you take the step and actions in fulfilling your dreamy dreams. 🙂

So here we go! Do that creative Vision Board of yours.

What you will need

  • A corkboard, or poster board ( I bought mine at Ikea or get one at Officeworks)
  • Coloured Pens/Marker Pens
  • Some magazines
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pins
  • Glue

Write Down your Personal Life Vision/Mission Statement/Daily routine/Goals

These are just some statements that you would want to include in your awesome Vision Board. Take time to write and ponder on this one as this will be the main direction. I have recently attended a Vision Casting Seminar by a friend of mine, Fideliz Cruz which is amazing in guiding me to write down my personal ife vision and creating my vision board!

FullSizeRender 65

Choose a catchy quote that you Love ❤

Love this part as this would be some bold statement you want to shout out each day and live by! Like the one I have which is “Don’t forget to be awesome” and She believed she could so she did”, ahhh love it! I find Pinterest has a lot of this, and you can find quote that best suits you. Hand write them down if you want or you can get this cut out in some magazines.

Gather some inspirational photos

This is the exciting part as you get to choose a photo of your dream house, or a cool sports car that you’ve been imagining riding on, and perhaps a nice place where you want to visit. Now this will prompt you to get up and go get it baby! You can also choose some of your favourite family or friends photos to include on your vision board to remind you that this is why you were doing this for <3. Incidentally, I have used Canon Selphy CP1200 in printing my fave photos, which is an amazing photo printer direct from your mobile phones, you can also look into your magazines and cut out.

FullSizeRender 61

Before you put them all together, think of a theme or colour that you love and go from there. The more personal your vision board the more you will relate and make that dreams and goals happen. Have fun creating! 🙂