Eyebrow Microblading Course Experience with Phibrows Sydney

It has been exactly 6 months since I did my eyebrow microblading course at Phibrows Sydney which was held on September 9 & 10, 2018 under the guidance and expertise of Caroline (Master of Phibrows). Oh my! 6 months into it and loving it <3.

Okay, so I was grateful that I chose Phibrows Sydney to be honest as this is something that I knew I was going to do and pursue and it always helps to pray about something for direction. And so I decided to enrol at Phibrows Sydney 🙂 they have a great reputation when it comes to eyebrow microblading course and they have been in the business for quite a long time now. In terms of training cost, tip for you to save money is to pay upfront. So the 2 day course training in total was $4950, I have deposited $1500 and have emailed if I can get discount on the remaining payment and they offer 10% off if I pay cash on the remaining $3450, to which I did and save $345. Also included is the microblading Kit down below which is so good <3. You can find more information regarding training and dates at https://www.phibrowsydney.com

The course is a 2 days Training to which the first day was all about information regarding Eyebrow Microblading and practicing on latex. We were also task to watch live videos available on Phi App where we register and had full access as a student on the night after the first day in preparation for the next day. On the second day we get to practice on a live model. The master will perform the procedure initially and we took over in performing the procedure. I have my very good friend Isabel that came with me as a model on the day and was grateful for her ❤

I have to mention that Phibrows Sydney has provided us with real great food on those 2 days so no hustle just all goodness 🙂

So after 2 days I get a Certificate of Attendance, Yay! 🙂 Although after this was the one I was grateful for at the same time a lil bit nerve wracking is the levels that I needed to pass before I get my certificate and be inscribed as a Phibrows Artist that is recognised around the world, how cool :). I will talk more about the different levels that I need to pass perhaps in my next blog so wait for it and subscribe 🙂

Here I am after 2 days of Training at Phibrows Sydney.

To be exact, at this time of writing I have done 43 clients, have gotten my payment for training back and more. Ah God is awesome! and of course I am now a proud Phibrows Artist and have received my Phibrows Unique logo down below and an example of one of my works as a Microblading Artist ❤

To follow my work or wanted to make a booking please follow my instagram @kreativkris_browbeauty. Overall I have enjoyed my training at Phibrows Sydney, a lot of hardwork and passion is needed so if you are only keen on getting money for it, please do re-think it as it cost a lot of money. Thank you for reading and if you have a question, comment down below or direct message me ❤