How to Cut Out Letters out of a Foam Board


So I did this project for an event booth at church and I wanted to show you how I made it 🙂 I have been doing projects like this when I was in primary, dit it as well in my high school years and for church deco on special events and occasions, so let me show you how to easily, well makes it easier for you to cut it out from a foam board, here i will show you from choosing the letter or your word that you need to cut out and the choice of cheap materials that you can get ;). Lets begin ei??

What You Will Need:

  • Utility knife/cutter small size (I use 9mm size Scotch Utility Knife)
  • A4 Glittered Card (bought from a dollar shop- $2.99/ 3 sheets)
  • Foam board
  • Print out letter of what you want to cut out (or hand-write it like I did)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Begin to hand-write the letters that you will need to cut out on a piece of paper, then cut it out.


After cutting it out, put the cut out letters on reverse as shown below to your choice of paper where its gonna show on your finished project. I have placed it in a way to save more space and maximise the use of the paper of your choice as shown below.


When you finish tracing the letters on reverse to paper of your choice, cut it all out then use glue to firmly place it on the foam board as shown below.


This is where it gets tricky a little bit but not to worry, when its all nice in place and glued start cutting out the letters using the utility knife. The round edges are the hard bit, but the technique is to cut in straight strokes multiple times as shown below to cut out an even result when you take out the excess.


Some part of the cut out letters would not easily come off so what I do is I cut it from the back follow the already cut lines to fully cut all out the letters from the foam board. I also use a magazine at the bottom of the foam board to easily cut it out 😉


And the result??? I think it’s amazing! Amazing in a way that I or you (when you do yours soon 😉 get to help out on a project that gives an additional bling or statement to an event booth or special occasions! Have fun creating!

Love, Kristine ❤




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