DIY Decoupage Office Chair, or any Chair you want! :)

FullSizeRender 70


Woo! Here it is guys! Been wanting to do this project and thought I will share it with you awesome peeps :), I bought this chair so cheap at IKEA many years ago and I find it boring now so thought of giving it a new makeover! The fabric that I have used for this chair is from Salvation Army Shop which cost nothing at all and bought it few years back, it is a Japanese Inspired fabric that I could not resist buying and did not think I will use for this chair! This isn’t hard to do at all, let me take you to steps in doing it.

What You Will Need:IMG_7010

  • Scissors
  • Your favourite Fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Clear Finishing Sealer
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Brush

*I bought the paint brush, spray paint and sealer at Bunnings 🙂


I’m loving gold accents at the moment so I thought of spray painting the chairs’ legs with what else??? GOLD 🙂 Love the sparkly result of this one!

I have pre-measured the cloth that I’m gonna be using for the chair and figured out how to place it on the chair. Choose a fabric for your liking and one that will suit your happy place! :), this is the fun part!


Now Time to Decoupage the Chair

In here you’ll need a paint brush to make it easier to spread the Mod Podge on the chair. I covered mostly the top of the chair first then place the fabric on the chair, and when you have placed the fabric, you will need to smoothen out the fabric onto the chair making sure its nice and flat, the Mod Podge is good to work with as it doesn’t dry quickly so you can smoothen the fabric quite easily onto the chair.


Once you’ve covered the whole chair with Mod Podge, smooth out the rest of the fabric, focusing not on the edges yet as you have to cut a piece of Fabric to smoothly fit in the chair.


As shown below you will have to pinch a piece of the fabric, just enough to connect the fabric together and you will need to cut the excess which you think will fit in together.



Next is the edges, as shown below you will need to just cut to fit nice and perfect onto the chair, don’t worry about the glue drying out quickly you will have enough time to smoothen it. Cut the extra hanging fabric then use the paint brush and paint some more Mod Podge to smoothen the edges with the fabric.


Wait for about half an hour for the chair to be completely dry. I used a clear finishing sealer below for the last part and you will need about an hour for the chair to be completely dry, and after you will get the excitement of putting it in your work area or office or wherever you want! haha! Thats how I felt anyways 😉 Voila! Tada! From a cheapo chair to the chair of your dreams! Go on and do your own! Feel free to ask me questions, happy to help. Have fun creating! 🙂



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