How to Personalise Your Boring Bag, Patch it :)


I love to personalise my stuff! 🙂 ❤ And so here I am sharing with you guys how I made this cute patches on my bag. Patches are so on trend at the moment, you can see them on jeans, jackets, top, bags, shoes, even on phone cases! Oh so love them (smiley emoji with popping heart eyes).

I bought this bag as I needed them for my new motorbike, yes! I just recently bought my new Honda Grom which I might talk about here later on :). Anyways, so I bought this bag at CultureKings at Sydney CBD, brand Herschel and I thought it was just too plain for me and so the creativity strikes once again, so here it is how I made it.

You Will Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric or Felt (You can buy felt at a cheap dollar shop or art shop like eskersleys or lincraft)
  • Fabric Pencil/ordinary marking pen
  • Scissors

Choose Your Design

This part is totally up to you, what letter or what design you want to embed on your new plain bag. After choosing, make sure to practice to draw on blank paper first what design so when you draw on the actual fabric or felt you wouldn’t have much trace of the pencil, alternatively you can draw your pattern on a cardboard to trace to your choice of felt. Cut it out then your ready to embroider the side to make it stand out.

Embroider Your Patch

I only used a regular sewing machine to do this, you might need some practice at first using a scrap fabric/felt to get the right thickness that you want. I have used a cream felt to embroider the design to add background and space to embroider, but its totally up to you.

Attaching the Patch

Some patch I have to hand sew on to the bag itself as it can’t be reached using the sewing machine, but the top part was sewn using the machine. Alternatively there are some pre-made cute patches available that you can buy from Etsy .

Totally enjoy making this one :), I hope its something inspirational for you to do! Go ahead! Make your own mark! Comment if you’ve done one yourself and go on inspire me too 🙂 Keep Creating!

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