Be creative on your Vision Board: Easy Guide to making One


IMG_6574FullSizeRender 63

Vision Boards are awesome tools in reminding us of what we want to achieve and be in line with the goals and aspirations we have in life. I love vision boards because it allows me to also ponder and work more on the best things in life. In saying this though, vision boards can only be an inspiration until you take the step and actions in fulfilling your dreamy dreams. 🙂

So here we go! Do that creative Vision Board of yours.

What you will need

  • A corkboard, or poster board ( I bought mine at Ikea or get one at Officeworks)
  • Coloured Pens/Marker Pens
  • Some magazines
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pins
  • Glue

Write Down your Personal Life Vision/Mission Statement/Daily routine/Goals

These are just some statements that you would want to include in your awesome Vision Board. Take time to write and ponder on this one as this will be the main direction. I have recently attended a Vision Casting Seminar by a friend of mine, Fideliz Cruz which is amazing in guiding me to write down my personal ife vision and creating my vision board!

FullSizeRender 65

Choose a catchy quote that you Love ❤

Love this part as this would be some bold statement you want to shout out each day and live by! Like the one I have which is “Don’t forget to be awesome” and She believed she could so she did”, ahhh love it! I find Pinterest has a lot of this, and you can find quote that best suits you. Hand write them down if you want or you can get this cut out in some magazines.

Gather some inspirational photos

This is the exciting part as you get to choose a photo of your dream house, or a cool sports car that you’ve been imagining riding on, and perhaps a nice place where you want to visit. Now this will prompt you to get up and go get it baby! You can also choose some of your favourite family or friends photos to include on your vision board to remind you that this is why you were doing this for <3. Incidentally, I have used Canon Selphy CP1200 in printing my fave photos, which is an amazing photo printer direct from your mobile phones, you can also look into your magazines and cut out.

FullSizeRender 61

Before you put them all together, think of a theme or colour that you love and go from there. The more personal your vision board the more you will relate and make that dreams and goals happen. Have fun creating! 🙂




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